Friday, January 30, 2015

How the Venetian System Was Transplanted Into England

from The oligarchical system of Great Britain is not an autochthonous product of English or British history. It represents rather the tradition of the Babylonians, Romans, Byzantines, and Venetians which has been transplanted into the British Isles through a series of upheavals. The status of Britain as the nation foutué of modern history is due in particular to the sixteenth and seventeenth century metastasis into England and Scotland of the Venetian oligarchy along with its philosophy, political forms, family fortunes, and imperial geopolitics. The victory of the Venetian party in England between 1509 and 1715 built in turn upon a pre-existing foundation of Byzantine and Venetian influence.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What Is Awakening?

from Since ancient times the term awakening has been used as a kind of metaphor that points to the transformation of human consciousness. There are parables in the New Testament that speak of the importance of being awake, of not falling back to sleep. The word Buddha comes from the Sanskrit word Budh, meaning, “to be awake.” So Buddha is not a name and ultimately not a person, but a state of consciousness. All this implies that humans are potentially capable of living in a state of consciousness compared to which normal wakefulness is like sleeping or dreaming. This is why some spiritual teachings use terms like “shared hallucination” or “universal hypnotism” to describe normal human existence. Pick up any history book, and I suggest you begin with studying the 20th century, and you will find that a large part of the history of our species has all the characteristics we would normally associate with a nightmare or an insane hallucination.

The nature of spiritual awakening is frequently misunderstood.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Alchemy of the Emerald Tablet

from Imagine a concept, that if Newton's dedication to the Emerald Tablet instead followed a different path outside the realm of alchemy and delved more into spirituality and its relationship between mankind and the world around us. As many scholars throughout the ages, Newton became obsessed with an idea that any element could be transmuted into any other element at the hands of alchemy, but the philosopher's stone quickly turned itself into a fantasy goose chase after discovering the shear level of complexity involved; Could a man ever possess the power Midas created in a chemistry lab? The following is a literal interpretation of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, and an alternative possibility of what his mysterious ancient text could be trying to tell us. 

The tablet begins with: "Truly without deceit, certain, and most veritable. That which is below corresponds to that which is above; And that which is above corresponds to that which is below." 


Saturday, January 24, 2015

#SatansKingdom Developer Presents Plan For #Connecticut Housing

#SatansKingdom Developer Presents Plan For #Connecticut Housingfrom Members of the planning and zoning commission are generally supportive of a proposal to build houses on the Satan's Kingdom parcel along Route 44. The proposal is a dramatic turnaround for developer Allan Borghesi, who earlier this year proposed to build an industrial park on the vacant, wooded 30-acre parcel near the New Hartford town line in a residential area. Borghesi withdrew the industrial park plan in the face of strong opposition from residents. Now, Borghesi is proposing nine houses on the land. On Wednesday he presented preliminary plans to the planning and zoning commission.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Where Did Christianity Really Come From?

Where Did Christianity Really Come From?from This article is a brief examination of the nature and historical roots of the Qumran community that lived and worked on the western shore of the Dead Sea around 150 BCE to 68 CE and the connections that may be discerned between it and the preaching of John the Baptist, the ministry of Jesus, and the origins of Christianity. It looks through the eyes of scholars like Jozef Milik, one of the first to discover the nature of the Dead Sea Scrolls and to analyse them in depth, back in the 1950s, and the author’s analysis of the latest research now that translations of most of the Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered near Qumran, have been officially published. My previous book The Mystery of the Copper Scroll of Qumran dealt with aspects of the Dead Sea Scrolls and, more particularly, one of the scrolls that had been engraved on copper by the strange community of Essenes that inhabited Qumran. As a trained metallurgist, the use of copper by a devout Jewish sect, living by the Dead Sea around the first century BCE, had aroused my curiosity – especially as the Hebrew text seemed to be a list of buried treasures that apparently had never been found.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Manly P. Hall Gets to the Heart of Homer’s “Odyssey”

from You won’t hear this interpretation in the storied halls of academia. Manly P. Hall – author, mystic, examiner of all things esotericteases apart the obscurities of Homer’s epic to reveal its secret meaning. Namely, what certain elements represent and how it relates to the inner life of man (mental/emotional/spiritual) and consciousness by and large. Clocking in around an hour-and-a-half, it’s a bit of an undertaking – but it’s well worth the listen.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Metaphysics and the Limits of Science

from Is physical science – as some people say – omnicompetent? Can it (that is) answer all possible questions? If, for instance, we ask why human beings sometimes behave so appallingly – or how we know that they shouldn't behave so appallingly; or what is the best way to deal with inner conflicts; or whether depression is a physical or a mental trouble – can we look to the physical sciences for an answer? How would we even start to hunt for it there?

This idea that science is an all-purpose oracle dealing with every kind of question is surely very odd. Yet that promise was confidently launched in the 1930s and has proved a very powerful myth.