Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Crashing Matrix and Last Ditch Trans-Everything Agenda

from The outdated matrix programming by the engineers of deceit can’t keep up. The vibrational changes are exceeding their capabilities.  The imitators of creation can’t maintain a current operating system any longer in the face of this massive Universal shift we’re undergoing.

And it’s driving them nuts.

Just look at the desperation we’re witnessing. Crude military and police state maneuvers are only one aspect, of course working in concert with dastardly economic manipulations and an outlandish propaganda barrage. The biggest clue is seeing the previously incremental and now hyperbolic use of technocratic programs from mass surveillance and data gathering to the advent of cyber warfare and artificial intelligence, while crazed maniacs at CERN try to crack into other dimensions.
The magnitude and desperation of their insane agenda has become completely transparent to just about anyone.

This last techno-based stage is a draconian move to try to delete our innate humanity before our awakening reaches critical mass. They’ve openly admitted this. Hence their attempt to transmute everything from genes and humans to automated monsters and geoengineering. Agreed, when it comes to realizing what’s happening there are the entranced apathetics who swallow anything, but we’re witnessing what’s bound to lead to a total meltdown of their dark designs before our very eyes.
If you can’t see it, look again.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Century of American Figurehead Presidents Marching to the Beat of Wall Street and the New World Order

from It’s that time of year again! President’s Day, a time to honor America’s two greatest presidents in history (at least from history book consensus) – George Washington our first and Abraham Lincoln our sixteenth president. By conveniently combining the nearest weekend midpoint between their birthdays (22nd and 12th respectively) and lopping in Valentine’s Day and the NBA All Star Weekend to make it a post-Super Bowl Bonanza for everyone, kind of like what the three-day MLK weekend is to the yearend holiday extravaganza. But between our Presidents’ Day sales, popcorn and beer, this President’s Day 2015 might also be an opportune time to pause and reflect on our presidents over this last century. President’s Day then becomes a sober reckoning of how the fate of our cherished democratic republic was lost and stolen by today’s totalitarian oligarchy. A chronicle of this last century’s presidents offers us Americans a greater understanding of the diminished role our figurehead presidents have played as a mere public face to the shrouded power elite puppet masters pulling their strings. What follows is a presentational overview providing a step-by-step thread of continuity that has led us to the New World Order burgeoning today.

1913 was a pivotal year that brought to fruition the meticulously laid out agenda conspired in total secrecy of the Jekyll Island Coup d’Etat that culminated with the Federal Reserve Act signed by President Woodrow Wilson establishing the deceptively covert, privatized central banking cabal of the Federal Reserve Board. The other illegal 1913 coup that was part of the low-blow, one-two near knockout punch against the American people was the birth of the federal income tax. Thus the foundation of today’s globalist Ponzi scheme on the verge right now of implosion gained its lethal foothold into our lives just one year before “the war to end all wars.”

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Can ISIS ever be defeated?

from It is with bewilderment, disgust and fear that our global community has become an audience to the bloody carnage inflicted by ISIS within the boundaries of their ever-growing “Caliphate.” On February 17, they set 45 people on fire in Iraq, adding to the gruesome death toll of the last few months. It wasn’t long ago when they set a Jordanian pilot on fire inside a cage and filmed it as if the act was scripted and planned. They also beheaded Japanese and European people among others, not to mention all the Christian beheadings like the recent 21 Copts in Libya. How far will they go and can they ever be defeated?

Before attempting to answer such a question, we need to understand the ideology behind the bloodiest jihadist group in modern history. Unfortunately, almost every attempt made recently could be compared to studying a bird as if it were a fish. It just cannot yield beneficial results. ISIS truly is in a league of its own and should be handled as such. In a previous post, I explained that they are organized, wealthy and weaponized. In and of itself, this already places them outside of your run-of-the-mill terrorist groups like Taliban, Al-Qaeda or Boko Haram. Yet they are unique in several other ways.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A hint of civilisations clashing

from economist.comAs my last posting noted, the first edgy thing which the new Greek government did was to downgrade, albeit very politely, its relations with the church. The second thing was to upgrade a relationship whose historic roots are at least partly religious, with Russia. On his first day in office, prime minister Alexis Tsipras met the Russian ambassador, and then distanced Greece from an EU statement which protested over Russian actions in Ukraine and threatened further sanctions. He then named a foreign minister, Nikos Kotzias, who enjoys cordial relations with the religious-nationalist segment of the Russian elite.

Lots of questions arise. Is this a great historical paradox - the consolidation of a sentimental tie based on common Orthodox Christianity, under a secular Greek government and a stridently pious Russian one? That would be an interesting reversal of the cold war.  Or is the relationship more cultural and historical, based on common memories of shimmering mosaics and swirling incense, rather than actively religious? If that is true, then it is not particularly dependent on what people on either side now believe.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Maestro and the Boy: The Kindness of Manly P. Hall

from The net is a wonderful resource, a worldwide flea market, a massive if haphazard library of Alexandria, offering insights from every culture, and cult on planet Earth, and many that claim to be extraterrestrial.  But the Internet offers more misinformation than fact.  Out of context illustrations and quotations are used by careless researchers to allege satanic cults and malevolent political plots.  Further complicating the situation, popular definitions of key words have changed.  When Manly Hall wrote about the illuminati he meant something roughly equivalent to “the most enlightened of every age,” western bodhisattvas, no one could be more devoted to the good of human beings.  Today illuminati usually refer to a secret organization of elite oligarchs with nefarious plans whose influence behind the scenes of history has caused terrible suffering.  The meanings could not be more opposed.  But with his knowledge of the ironies of history MPH would not have been surprised to find himself on the black list.

I knew Manly personally near the end of his life.  He worked his alchemy on me in a most daoist way.  His friendship transformed me from an angry and despairing devotee of nihilism to a seeker of truth and harmony.  The biographical writing about him available online and off, including his own, fails to convey a sense of the man I knew.  Even simple facts are missing.  For example, none mention that Marianne Williamson, founder of Project Angel Food, the Peace Alliance and Sister Giant, began her career at the Philosophical Research Society where she honed her oratory skills under the wing of the man who was one of the great extemporaneous speakers of his time.  Consequently I find myself confronted with the task of breaking a promise I made to him.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Where Did the Wise Men Come From?

from Where did the Magi come from? The usual answer is from Persia. They are identified with a caste of Zoroastrian astrologers and philosophers known to be active in Persia from the sixth century BC. The term “magi” is derived from the Greek magos which in  turn was derived from the Persian term for the philosopher-astrologer-priests. They were active during the empire of the Medes. But did the wise men really come from Persia? I’m increasingly interested in the idea that they came from the Arabian peninsula, from the Kingdom of Sheba.

Just because Matthew uses the term “magi” does not mean that he is necessarily referring to the Persian caste of astrologers. Although the term for this sort of wise man was derived from the ancient Persian sect, it was a term which was used of any sort of sorcerer, astrologer or occult practitioner. Thus in the Acts of the Apostles we meet Simon Magus who is a sorcerer. Also, the sixth century BC was the time they flourished? By the time of the Roman Empire the Medes were long gone.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Usher Unveiled: Poe and the Metaphysic of Gnosticism

from It has long been a critical paradox that Edgar Allan Poe is considered to be outside the mainstream of American literature, while he is known internationally as the author of the most famous short tale in thee tradition, “The Fall of the House of Usher.” The most damaging charge against Poe is surely the one that he has no metaphysic, while his contemporaries — Hawthorne, Melville, and Emerson — are said to have some identifiable structure to their work which is intellectual as well as purely aesthetic in nature. T. S. Eliot put this charge in its strongest terms in his well-known essay “From Poe to Valery,” where he states that.

Poe is indeed a stumbling block for the judicial critic. If we examine his work in detail, we seem to find in it nothing but slipshod writing, puerile thinking unsupported by wide reading or profound scholarship, haphazard experiments in various types of writing, without perfection in any detail. This would nor be just. But if, instead of regarding his work analytically, we take a distant view of it as a whole, we see a mass of unique shape and impressive size to which the eye constancy returns.
One cannot deny that Poe’s work is “experimental.” But this does not condemn it to the puerile, the haphazard, or the superficial. Indeed, when his work is examined closely, we discover in Poe an incredibly detailed and, I submit, a profound metaphysic.